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Vintage Planting Box



After the success  in the professional gardening duty for about 25 years, I develop a product – The Vintage Planting Box.

Vintage Planting Box is a Planting Box that weightless compare to the other Planting Box’s in the market.

The Vintage Planting Box comes with narrow side wall that give the option to grow very Rich plant’s.

The Vintage Box have a Life Time drainage that prevent leak’s and mold’s on the floor. 

We can make your custom Vintage Box in every size and every finish.




Israel get blessed with hundreds of sunny days during the year.

The fact that around us we have a desert zone’s and sea’s makes Israel one of the best country’s to grow garden in. 

Because of that, we have a unlimited option’s of design’s that give’s you High level garden and easy maintenance process. 




I Invite you all to my 30 acer’s Professional nursery’s.

Here, you can find a very large collection of adult tree’s that prepared for getting in your garden. 

We have a Lot of different Fruit tree’s and ornamental tree’s in different age’s. 

Tree’s from couple years life time, to Hundreds years of life time.


Roof Garden’s


The design and implement of roof gardens is a very detailed process that include high level of base developing and topography. 

At the process we check professionally all the details of your roof garden, and choose the right plant’s program and other design elements.


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